Limited Edition Fine Art Amor Prints by Stephanie Inagaki

Limited Edition Fine Art Amor Prints by Stephanie Inagaki


These drawings are part of my latest series inspired by loss and the subsequent grief and hope. Corvids usually represents Love & Loyalty for me. The Japanese concepts of ‘musubi’ and the red thread of fate that ties and bonds us to people representing the flow of time, knotting- which is also time, unraveling – breaking – connecting human life again. Kintsukuroi which means golden repair or more popularly written as kintsugi – golden joinery, the idea to mend something with gold to repair and embrace the flaws.

The Heart Stone Wall - Sometimes we stonewall ourselves to preserve our egos, our feelings, our hurt, and our raw, fragile hearts. And sometimes that stonewalling comes in forms of not wanting to give up because you keep fighting for what you love and believe in.

The print size is 11 x14" printed with archival inks. Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered. Print will be shipped rolled. Hope & Love are Artist Proofs and not limited edition but are signed. I have these available as 16” x 20” limited editions on my art shop here.

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