Pewter Bat Skull Necklace on Fire Orange Feather Pelt

Pewter Bat Skull Necklace on Fire Orange Feather Pelt


This is a perfect accessory for out on the playa at burning man or the numerous other summertime festivals going on. 

The tiny bat skulls are flanked by Old World hair ornaments and beads. Every bit of the wee skulls are handmade! There will be slight variances from the photo due to the nature of the casting and finishing process. The bat skulls and the hair ornaments are made out of pewter. The beads are a base metal, the single cord is black leather and the clasps are nickel.

Because of the nature of leather and feathers, it will have a slight scent. A soft leather backing has been hand sewn onto the back of the feather pad. Leather backing is from recycled leather. Each of the feather necklaces are one of a kind.

Necklace length is 16.” Length of the long pendants are roughly 43mm. Skulls measures about 18mm from back of head to front of skull. The length of the feather pelt is roughly 16" and the widest point is approximately 4."

Model: Daniel Ribiat

Photo: Taslimur


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