Palmier Necklace in Brass and Carnelian

Palmier Necklace in Brass and Carnelian


Always inspired by and in admiration of the Tuareg people and their beautiful designs, this necklace is another piece influenced by this tribe. Taking the traditional palmier pendant design, the Miyu Decay palmiers are adorned with bat claws, and a Japanese cherry blossom.

There will be slight variances from the photo due to the nature of casting and the oxidized finishing process. 

The necklace length is 15". The brass palmiers are each approximately 1.125" in width and 1.375" in height. The palmiers are originally hand carved from wax, molded and cast by myself. The beads are carnelian and brass.

It is made in house and made to order. Please let me know if you require a different length in the chains.

Thank you for viewing my work!

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