Memento Mori Tombstone Pendants

Memento Mori Tombstone Pendants

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The tombstones are about 1” wide by 1.25” tall and are available in brass or sterling silver. The velvet chokers come with tiny bells attached and are adjustable 14”-16”. The brass necklaces are 20” and the sterling comes in 16”, 18”, or 20”. If you would like a different length please email me:

There is space on the front and back for engraving. The front blank space about 5/8” square. The back is about 3/4” wide by 1” tall. Please email me if you would like it engraved.

The pet tags can be found here if you’d like to get matching jewelry with your fur babies or just unique handmade name tag for them. Cowboy, Bebop, and Momo-chan were good sports and modeled for me.

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