Yellow Purple feather headdress

Yellow Purple feather headdress


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Fancy up your pretty noggins with my one of a kind headdresses. This is perfect for weddings, costume balls, performers like burlesque dancers and bellydancers! Most of my pieces have some element from the Middle East as I have been dancing half my life. I take a lot of time to handpick these one of a kind vintage items. The base shape of the headdress is inspired by the Russian kokoshniks.

The center piece is a vintage Turkomann pendant with a red enamel center flanked by kuchi buttons. The fabric is vintage kimono fabric with an Indian trim. Laying flat it is about 22” wide by about 18” tall. It ties with 26.5” long ribbons at the base of your head. It is reinforced with sculpting wire so the headdress can be curved in shape.

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